Marker board for your carrier: different variants different countries

We are regularly asked whether a marker board is mandatory if you transport a bike carrier (or other luggage rack) on your motorhome. The answer is: sometimes yes, sometimes no. We explain.


In most European countries, a marker board is only required if a luggage rack protrudes more than one meter. Well, our bike carriers and scooter carriers stick out less than a meter. So in most European countries a marker board for our bike and scooter carriers is not mandatory.

But beware: there are two exceptions: Spain and Italy. There a marker board is mandatory.

Marker board Spain

In Spain you must use a marker board if you drive with a loaded luggage rack. In addition, this must necessarily be a Spanish marker board. A Spanish marker board is made of aluminum or steel and has three red and three white stripes.

Bord spanje

‘The Spanish marker board has three red and three white stripes.’

In addition, the load in Spain may not protrude more than ten percent of the vehicle length. Is your camper 7 meters or longer? Then you can easily take our M-Star bike carrier bijvoMarker board Italywith you; it protrudes about 70 centimeters..

Marker board Italy

In Italy you should always use a marker board on a bike carrier or luggage rack. Even if your rack is not loaded or folded up. This marker board must have an Italian approval. Also, like the Spanish board, it must be made of aluminum or steel.

The mandatory size of the Italian board is 50 by 50 centimeters. It has five reflective red and four reflective white diagonal stripes.

Bord italie

‘The Italian marker board has five red and four white stripes.’

Another difference with Spain: in Italy, the load may protrude no less than thirty percent of the vehicle length. If we translate this to our products, it means that you can travel through Italy with a Zorro 4Bike or Zorro Scootbike without any problems. They stick out about 85 centimeters, which means you stay well within the prescribed length.

Do you need a marker board for your bike carrier? Or other motorhome accessoires? Before departure, pay a visit to your Memo dealer. Buon viaggio, buen viaje!


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